Tuesday, September 6, 2011

HAPPY...Birthday Mimi, 3 month Hampton, FOOTBALL season, and Labor Day.

So far, September has started off with a "busy" bang just like every other month since Hampton has been born. 
This past Friday, September 2, Hampton turned 3 months old on Mimi's birthday.  She was 35 years young. :)  Unfortanately, I didn't snap any pictures of Mimi, but did happen to snap a few of our growing little fella.

"Um, what are you?"
He is steadily growing and changing each and every day.  The list could be endless, but here are just a few.  So far he...
- is SO alert now and stays awake more during the day
-sleeps with us every night
-still doesn't mind bath time
-LOVES to watch t.v.
- smiles and laughs (it's like a tiny giggle deep down...the cutest little sound ever!)
- has a new lovie, Ellie the Elephant (although we also love on monkey some times too still)
- grasps on to things such as his new squeaky book and his hanging toys on his car seat
- won't take a paci unless he is extremely tired and only sucks for about 3 minutes and then it falls out because by that point he's asleep (I'm not complaining about this one)
- will only nap or sleep in our bed, his swing, or bouncy seat (uh oh!)
- is still wearing only 3 month clothing
-sleeps ALL night (sometimes even 9 hours!!!) not complaining about that one either!!
- has learned that he is spoiled rotten in every way possible and sticking out his lip gets him FAR in life  :-0

With all my baggage...book, Ellie, and hanging toys

 I'm adorable and I know it!

Lord, help us all now! ;)

This past Saturday, September 3, also kicked off the first BAMA football game of the season!!!  It was Hampton's very first game day and I think it's safe to say he wears crimson and white well.

Watching the game with Papa. 
He's waving his hand during kickoff...Rooooolllll TIDE Roll. 
haha  Just Kidding.  but it does look like it.

Sporting my bib Aunt Brooke made for me
(as well as the burp cloth of course!)
Sadly, Daniel, had to be in Atlanta for work for the weekend so we spent some quality time at Mimi and Papa's and eagerly waited his arrival home on Sunday night.

It was rainy ALL day on Monday (Labor Day) so we took advantage of Daddy being off work with us and had a good 'ole lazy day.

Hampton's first Labor Day!

So far, September has proven to be a fun filled month and it's only the 6th day!  Whew.  Makes me tired just thinking about the rest of the month's activities, but I'm so very thankful to have a healthy and amazing family to share each and every moment with.  Memories in the making.  Life doesn't get any better than that.  "The greatest things in life are not things."  Dr. Hays McKay during sermon last Sunday.  For me, this statement is EASILY forgotten, but SO true.  I even wrote it in my notes and it has stuck like glue on my brain this week.  :)

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  1. I can't get over how cute Hampton is! He is just so precious! I love seeing him in all the cute outfits :) Have a great week!