Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Birthday...Lucy Lou turns two!!!

We celebrated Lucy's 2nd birthday at her house yesterday with friends and family.  Everyone had a good time including the sweet and precious birthday girl herself!!

She got tons of presents and toys and was so funny opening them.  She would throw paper everywhere trying to see what was in each new bag.  Aunt Brooke helped her.  This is the adorable owl backpack I gave her with ALL kinds of things on the inside.  Coloring book, books, crayons, band-aids, body wash, stickers, etc. 

 Pops and Big Mama (Brad's mom and step-dad) gave her this cute little piano.  She LOVED it.  She didn't want to stop playing it!  She was adorable.  Pianist in the making. :)
Big brother Hughes had a good time during the party too.  He helped her blow out her candle and even wore her tutu on his head!!  Silly boy.

Happy Birthday Lucy!  Uncle Daniel, Aunt Anna, and Hampton love you!

Dana had her birthday party yesterday even though her real birthday is not until Wednesday, Sept. 14.  They leave again on Thursday to go back to Nashville.  Her last x-ray/check up in Dothan showed that the stint they had put in an artery to keep open had closed up by mother nature unexpectedly.  Therefore, Friday, Sept. 16 they will go down her throat with a light to see further what's going on.  Depending on what they find, she may have to have another heart cath for them to do something different with the hole.  That's as best as I can explain it.  I'm sorry.  It all goes over my head.  Please keep her, Dana, Brad, and Hughes in your prayers.  Hughes is staying here with my parents while they go up there.  Hopefully, it will be something small and minor they can fix easily.  We know God has an ultimate plan for her precious little life, but it's so hard to see her and Brad and Dana go through all of this.  Thank you for your prayers!!  God hears each and every
one of them.

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