Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Covenant Leadership Class

Daniel and I were honored when our pastor, Hays, invited us to do a leadership class and it started tonight.  It's a 10 week study called Leadership from the Heart every Wednesday night.  There are only about 7 people so it should be a more intimate and conversational setting.  We're both really excited to get started and look forward to what God places on our hearts through this study.  I'm eager to see how God will show us our individual gifts that we can share with our church family through leading and serving in the upcoming year.  While we were in the class, where oh where was Hampton??  That's right.  Hampton stayed in the nursery for the FIRST time ever.  It was the first time he had ever stayed with someone other than an immediate family member.  Even if it was for only an hour, I was still a little sad and not so sure how I was going to hold up, but I must say, I was pretty proud of myself.  Although, I did keep my phone out on silent on the table (juuust in case).  ;)  I was so excited to go get him when it was over.  I can't really imagine how it's going to be when it has to be for a whole day!!  When we got down there to get him he was laying on a playmat playing and the 2 sweet ladies in there said he did GREAT and he was just precious the whole time!!!  Ahhhh...sigh of relief.  However, I didn't really expect any different from my little guy.  He. is. awesome.   I know this is the first of thousands of times where I will be so proud of him.  It's the best feeling to experience, I do know that! 

I LOVE this munchkin!!!

Proud daddy! :)

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