Wednesday, September 21, 2011

All work...and a little PLAY!!

Last week Daniel had to be in Gainesville, FL all week for work so on Sunday morning this mama decided why not me and Hampton go too!!  He had already asked several times if we wanted to go and I had turned the offers down just saying we better just stay here.  But, I got to thinking and thought, why not??  I do have the luxury and privilege right now of staying at home, Hampton is only 3 months old, what else do we have to do than go with him for the week.  Afterall, it would be kind of like a mini vacation.  And that it was.  After Lucy's birthday party on Sunday, we headed down 231 South on our way.  It was very nice actually to get away and have absolutely nothing to do.  We (Hampton and I, that is!) slept in, went and ate lunch somewhere, shopped, and ate out with Daddy for supper every. day.  I soaked up every moment I had with my precious son and charming husband.  What I thought would possibly be a boring week long trip in the big city of Gainesville (a little sarcasm, there) ended up being a very nice, relaxing, and just what we all needed trip. 

Daddy was so excited to see Hampton every day when he got back to the hotel.

Did I mention how NICE it was?? Oh, wait.  Besides the horrible royal blue and bright orange that I couldn't get away from!!  Ugh.  It was everywhere and I think I threw up in my mouth just a little every time I saw it.  Sorry in advance to any Florida Gators fan that I'm friends with that may be reading this.  You would think Tim Tebow was who their city worshiped because he was everywhere too.  On signs, billboards, drink machines at the mall.  Every. Where.  I had an awesome time, but was glad to not have to see any more of those nasty colors.  It was a little obnoxious.  However, it did make me think of how much Dothan (and the majority of our state for that matter) is actually the same way with Auburn and Alabama and visitors probably feel the same way as I did.  Oh well. RTR anyways!!!  ;)

At Oaks Mall, which I must admit, was phenomenal.  It. was. HUGE.
And had ALL the good stores (with the exception of this store of course)  haha 
It would easily take you 3 full days to really enjoy all they had to offer!!

We hung out in the hotel room some too.

Peek-a-boo mom :)

Watching a little t.v. while waiting on Daddy to get back

We also already had plans to go stay with my cousins in Panama City the following weekend.  So, Friday morning we got the car packed and headed down 75 North towards Panama City and arrived their around 2:30. 

Hampton with his 3rd cousin, Sierra.  Only 15 and already has the baby touch. 
She put him to sleep shortly after we got there. :)
Saturday, we got up and headed out on their beautiful boat.  Yes, even Hampton went.  It was his very first time on a boat. He LOVED it!!  He wasn't so sure about everything at first.  He was looking around like, "what in the world am I on and where are we?!"  But, the death grip I had around him in the comfort of my arms, the wind and water, and movement of the boat put him fast asleep in no time. 

Sweet boy!
Chris dropped us off at the beach at Shell Island for the girls to soak up some rays and the guys went out and did a little fishing.  They caught a few things including my ALL TIME FAVORITE fish...mahi mahi in which Chris fixed for supper later that night.  It was beyond delicious!! 

My sweet cousin, Cheri, holding her 2nd cousin :)

Hampton had a sweet little set up and did GREAT the whole day
They have THE sweetest dog, Sophie.  I think she got a little jealous at times not used to such a little baby being around getting all of the attention.  She didn't seem to bother Hampton.  I'm pretty sure he was wondering what this big creature was that kept licking his face every chance possible.  He is hardly ever around animals so you can only imagine his curiosity about this "thing."  It was written all over his face when he would see her. By the end of the weekend though, they had gotten used to each other and became friends for life.  In fact, such good friends Sophie even let him share his pillow with her. :)

By Sunday morning I wasn't leaving Panama City without a venture to Pier Park for lunch and a little shopping.  It had been a very loooong week for all of us, but my two little men were such troopers and granted me my wishes.  As usual.  :)  First, we ate lunch at Reggae J's.  If you ever go to PCB and want an amazing mahi mahi sandwich or shrimp po boy, this is your jackpot.  Both are a win win decision.  After lunch, we did a little shopping and with my whining and pouting for a bit scored this beautiful picture frame to put on the wall behind our bed.  After giving in to my spoiled ways, my husbands words verbatim were..."Merry Christmas, Happy Easter, and Happy Birthday."  hahaha  I love you more than words can describe honey and will cherish my picture frame for YEARS to come!!!  I must say it is the PERFECT little staple to our bedroom and could not LOVE it more.  Before even getting it in the car, I had already picked out the perfect picture to put in it.  I couldn't wait to get home and get it hung with OUR precious, little family in it!

Seeing it in a picture does it NO justice. 
It is dark wood with a rustic look to it.

The finished look!

After purchasing that little prize, I felt complete.  I was ready to go home and the 2 men in my life sure weren't complaining with that.  Thank you again, Cheri, Chris, Sierra, and J.C. for opening up your beautiful home to us for the weekend as well.  We had an absolute blast with you guys and can't wait to see you all again very soon!!  Thankfully we only live 1 1/2 hours away so we won't be strangers. It made for a long week, but I'm so glad I decided to go.We were all exhausted by the time we rolled into Dothan late Sunday afternoon.  No words needed for this picture to describe how we all felt. ;)   As much fun as we all had I think it's safe to say at the end of the day, the saying could not be anymore true..."There's NO place like home."

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