Sunday, September 25, 2011

ReCreate Conference

I was soooo excited when I got this little guy in the mail today...

What, you might ask is that little guy?!  Well, it's my arm band for the Women's ReCreate Conference I'm going to at Church of the Highlands this weekend.  Church of the Highlands is just one of the MANY things Daniel and I miss about Birmingham so when I saw this women's conference on their website was Sept. 30-Oct. 1, 2011 I jumped on it.  Unfortanately, while we went to church there I never took the opportunity to go.  BUUUUT, this time it gave us a GREAT excuse to visit B'ham again and learn more about God in the process!!  I'm anxious to see what all God has in store for me through this wonderful opportunity of listening to speakers speak on God's word, fellowship, and worship.  Daniel and I both are looking forward to spending time with some great friends, eating at a couple of our favorite restaurants, and maybe, just maybe a little shopping if time allows.  If you didn't notice when I mentioned it above, we will only be there for 3 short, I mean very short days.  That's the only thing that makes me sad about the trip.  There are so many people, places, and things I want to see and do visiting again, but it's going to be a challenge.  I have a session Friday night starting at 7 then all day on Saturday and of course plan on going to service there Sunday morning before lunch then heading home.  I already have prepared myself for feeling like we were there for too short of a time to go and do all the things I would LOVE to do.  However, I am thankful for the opportunity and trying to keep my mind focused on the real reason for the weekend...growing into a deeper relationship with my Lord.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Middle Sisters Monogramming

In case you didn't know, my middle sister Brooke, monograms and appliques all sorts of things.  And boy does she do a good job.  I know I'm a bit biased, but she does an amazing job!!  Like a really amazing job.  She works hard at what she does to make sure every single thing she does for anyone looks its best.  No matter how many customers she has or does not have, one things for sure, she always has 3 little bodies she can make things for. Her 2 nephews, Hughes and Hampton, and her niece, Lucy.  And of course this mama and Dana aren't complaining about that fact!!  She's just recently got her website up and running so of course she wanted to have a photo shoot with the 3 kiddos to put as the picture of it with them modeling some things she has done.  Well, if you have ever tried to do a photo shoot with a 6 year old, 2 year old, and a 3 month old you know what I mean when I say, that junk ain't easy.  Whew.  It wore me out.  Dana took tons of pics with her fancy schmancy humongous soccer mom camera so I was only able to snap a few with my camera.   I had to help "TRY" and get everyone LOOK (much less SMILE) at the camera.  That was a job within itself, but it was fun and funny so that's all that matters.  These pictures depict the way most of the shoot went...

Brooke was talking in this one

Lucy was looking down at this one
(I'm pretty sure she's planning one of her many attempt getaways)

If you haven't already, check out her website at or "Like" her on facebook at Middle Sisters Monogramming and pick a few things out for her to do.  Send her a message on F.B. or an email and give her your order and she will probably have it ready for you in a few short days at the most.  I promise, you won't be disappointed.  :) Don't forget, were in the midst of football season and all the fun holidays are right around the corner.  What better way for your child to look precious than in a monogrammed or appliqued outfit!! 
P.S. She will also fill orders for those of you out of towners and send it right to your front door step!  And just because you might not have your own child to buy for, outfits always make perfect gifts for grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins, baby shower gifts, etc. too!!  Just a few examples of her awesome work...

"Aren't I just the cutest in my cross applique onesie?!"

"You like my dinosaur bib?
Well, you can't have it, but my Aunt Brooke made it, too with a matching burp cloth!"

"I love my crab applique onesie!"

"Aunt Brooke helps me show my Alabama pride...Roll Tide folks!"

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

All work...and a little PLAY!!

Last week Daniel had to be in Gainesville, FL all week for work so on Sunday morning this mama decided why not me and Hampton go too!!  He had already asked several times if we wanted to go and I had turned the offers down just saying we better just stay here.  But, I got to thinking and thought, why not??  I do have the luxury and privilege right now of staying at home, Hampton is only 3 months old, what else do we have to do than go with him for the week.  Afterall, it would be kind of like a mini vacation.  And that it was.  After Lucy's birthday party on Sunday, we headed down 231 South on our way.  It was very nice actually to get away and have absolutely nothing to do.  We (Hampton and I, that is!) slept in, went and ate lunch somewhere, shopped, and ate out with Daddy for supper every. day.  I soaked up every moment I had with my precious son and charming husband.  What I thought would possibly be a boring week long trip in the big city of Gainesville (a little sarcasm, there) ended up being a very nice, relaxing, and just what we all needed trip. 

Daddy was so excited to see Hampton every day when he got back to the hotel.

Did I mention how NICE it was?? Oh, wait.  Besides the horrible royal blue and bright orange that I couldn't get away from!!  Ugh.  It was everywhere and I think I threw up in my mouth just a little every time I saw it.  Sorry in advance to any Florida Gators fan that I'm friends with that may be reading this.  You would think Tim Tebow was who their city worshiped because he was everywhere too.  On signs, billboards, drink machines at the mall.  Every. Where.  I had an awesome time, but was glad to not have to see any more of those nasty colors.  It was a little obnoxious.  However, it did make me think of how much Dothan (and the majority of our state for that matter) is actually the same way with Auburn and Alabama and visitors probably feel the same way as I did.  Oh well. RTR anyways!!!  ;)

At Oaks Mall, which I must admit, was phenomenal.  It. was. HUGE.
And had ALL the good stores (with the exception of this store of course)  haha 
It would easily take you 3 full days to really enjoy all they had to offer!!

We hung out in the hotel room some too.

Peek-a-boo mom :)

Watching a little t.v. while waiting on Daddy to get back

We also already had plans to go stay with my cousins in Panama City the following weekend.  So, Friday morning we got the car packed and headed down 75 North towards Panama City and arrived their around 2:30. 

Hampton with his 3rd cousin, Sierra.  Only 15 and already has the baby touch. 
She put him to sleep shortly after we got there. :)
Saturday, we got up and headed out on their beautiful boat.  Yes, even Hampton went.  It was his very first time on a boat. He LOVED it!!  He wasn't so sure about everything at first.  He was looking around like, "what in the world am I on and where are we?!"  But, the death grip I had around him in the comfort of my arms, the wind and water, and movement of the boat put him fast asleep in no time. 

Sweet boy!
Chris dropped us off at the beach at Shell Island for the girls to soak up some rays and the guys went out and did a little fishing.  They caught a few things including my ALL TIME FAVORITE fish...mahi mahi in which Chris fixed for supper later that night.  It was beyond delicious!! 

My sweet cousin, Cheri, holding her 2nd cousin :)

Hampton had a sweet little set up and did GREAT the whole day
They have THE sweetest dog, Sophie.  I think she got a little jealous at times not used to such a little baby being around getting all of the attention.  She didn't seem to bother Hampton.  I'm pretty sure he was wondering what this big creature was that kept licking his face every chance possible.  He is hardly ever around animals so you can only imagine his curiosity about this "thing."  It was written all over his face when he would see her. By the end of the weekend though, they had gotten used to each other and became friends for life.  In fact, such good friends Sophie even let him share his pillow with her. :)

By Sunday morning I wasn't leaving Panama City without a venture to Pier Park for lunch and a little shopping.  It had been a very loooong week for all of us, but my two little men were such troopers and granted me my wishes.  As usual.  :)  First, we ate lunch at Reggae J's.  If you ever go to PCB and want an amazing mahi mahi sandwich or shrimp po boy, this is your jackpot.  Both are a win win decision.  After lunch, we did a little shopping and with my whining and pouting for a bit scored this beautiful picture frame to put on the wall behind our bed.  After giving in to my spoiled ways, my husbands words verbatim were..."Merry Christmas, Happy Easter, and Happy Birthday."  hahaha  I love you more than words can describe honey and will cherish my picture frame for YEARS to come!!!  I must say it is the PERFECT little staple to our bedroom and could not LOVE it more.  Before even getting it in the car, I had already picked out the perfect picture to put in it.  I couldn't wait to get home and get it hung with OUR precious, little family in it!

Seeing it in a picture does it NO justice. 
It is dark wood with a rustic look to it.

The finished look!

After purchasing that little prize, I felt complete.  I was ready to go home and the 2 men in my life sure weren't complaining with that.  Thank you again, Cheri, Chris, Sierra, and J.C. for opening up your beautiful home to us for the weekend as well.  We had an absolute blast with you guys and can't wait to see you all again very soon!!  Thankfully we only live 1 1/2 hours away so we won't be strangers. It made for a long week, but I'm so glad I decided to go.We were all exhausted by the time we rolled into Dothan late Sunday afternoon.  No words needed for this picture to describe how we all felt. ;)   As much fun as we all had I think it's safe to say at the end of the day, the saying could not be anymore true..."There's NO place like home."

Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Birthday...Lucy Lou turns two!!!

We celebrated Lucy's 2nd birthday at her house yesterday with friends and family.  Everyone had a good time including the sweet and precious birthday girl herself!!

She got tons of presents and toys and was so funny opening them.  She would throw paper everywhere trying to see what was in each new bag.  Aunt Brooke helped her.  This is the adorable owl backpack I gave her with ALL kinds of things on the inside.  Coloring book, books, crayons, band-aids, body wash, stickers, etc. 

 Pops and Big Mama (Brad's mom and step-dad) gave her this cute little piano.  She LOVED it.  She didn't want to stop playing it!  She was adorable.  Pianist in the making. :)
Big brother Hughes had a good time during the party too.  He helped her blow out her candle and even wore her tutu on his head!!  Silly boy.

Happy Birthday Lucy!  Uncle Daniel, Aunt Anna, and Hampton love you!

Dana had her birthday party yesterday even though her real birthday is not until Wednesday, Sept. 14.  They leave again on Thursday to go back to Nashville.  Her last x-ray/check up in Dothan showed that the stint they had put in an artery to keep open had closed up by mother nature unexpectedly.  Therefore, Friday, Sept. 16 they will go down her throat with a light to see further what's going on.  Depending on what they find, she may have to have another heart cath for them to do something different with the hole.  That's as best as I can explain it.  I'm sorry.  It all goes over my head.  Please keep her, Dana, Brad, and Hughes in your prayers.  Hughes is staying here with my parents while they go up there.  Hopefully, it will be something small and minor they can fix easily.  We know God has an ultimate plan for her precious little life, but it's so hard to see her and Brad and Dana go through all of this.  Thank you for your prayers!!  God hears each and every
one of them.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fall sports have begun!

Besides this past Saturday being the first official day of Alabama football, Hughes' soccer season got kicked off Tuesday night.  It was surprisingly a bit cold outside, but I embraced the change of weather for a bit.  We bundled our itty bitty up after dinner and headed out to Westgate to join the rest of the crew to watch Hughes in his first game.  He did great!!  Unfortanately, I only was able to score one picture of him.  Look closely.
I promise that's him...running in the red shorts. :)
Hampton enjoyed his first night at the ballpark all snuggled up ;)

"What was that you just said?!"

Hampton is already learning how to share with his cousins...
Lucy loves Ellie the Elephant too :)

Hughes is also playing flag football this year for the first time.  His first game was this past Saturday that I was unable to make it to.  We plan on attending his next one this Saturday.  Should be interesting.  Hopefully, I'll snag a better picture of him in his "flag football" attire! ;) 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

HAPPY...Birthday Mimi, 3 month Hampton, FOOTBALL season, and Labor Day.

So far, September has started off with a "busy" bang just like every other month since Hampton has been born. 
This past Friday, September 2, Hampton turned 3 months old on Mimi's birthday.  She was 35 years young. :)  Unfortanately, I didn't snap any pictures of Mimi, but did happen to snap a few of our growing little fella.

"Um, what are you?"
He is steadily growing and changing each and every day.  The list could be endless, but here are just a few.  So far he...
- is SO alert now and stays awake more during the day
-sleeps with us every night
-still doesn't mind bath time
-LOVES to watch t.v.
- smiles and laughs (it's like a tiny giggle deep down...the cutest little sound ever!)
- has a new lovie, Ellie the Elephant (although we also love on monkey some times too still)
- grasps on to things such as his new squeaky book and his hanging toys on his car seat
- won't take a paci unless he is extremely tired and only sucks for about 3 minutes and then it falls out because by that point he's asleep (I'm not complaining about this one)
- will only nap or sleep in our bed, his swing, or bouncy seat (uh oh!)
- is still wearing only 3 month clothing
-sleeps ALL night (sometimes even 9 hours!!!) not complaining about that one either!!
- has learned that he is spoiled rotten in every way possible and sticking out his lip gets him FAR in life  :-0

With all my, Ellie, and hanging toys

 I'm adorable and I know it!

Lord, help us all now! ;)

This past Saturday, September 3, also kicked off the first BAMA football game of the season!!!  It was Hampton's very first game day and I think it's safe to say he wears crimson and white well.

Watching the game with Papa. 
He's waving his hand during kickoff...Rooooolllll TIDE Roll. 
haha  Just Kidding.  but it does look like it.

Sporting my bib Aunt Brooke made for me
(as well as the burp cloth of course!)
Sadly, Daniel, had to be in Atlanta for work for the weekend so we spent some quality time at Mimi and Papa's and eagerly waited his arrival home on Sunday night.

It was rainy ALL day on Monday (Labor Day) so we took advantage of Daddy being off work with us and had a good 'ole lazy day.

Hampton's first Labor Day!

So far, September has proven to be a fun filled month and it's only the 6th day!  Whew.  Makes me tired just thinking about the rest of the month's activities, but I'm so very thankful to have a healthy and amazing family to share each and every moment with.  Memories in the making.  Life doesn't get any better than that.  "The greatest things in life are not things."  Dr. Hays McKay during sermon last Sunday.  For me, this statement is EASILY forgotten, but SO true.  I even wrote it in my notes and it has stuck like glue on my brain this week.  :)