Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy 1st Anniversary and Easter!

It has been an "extra" exciting time around the Hewett household lately (as if it hasn't been exciting enough the past 8 months!) with lots of fun filled festivities.  Shockingly, a year has flown by since I stood in front of my best friend and said "I do."  Daniel and I got married on April 24, 2010.  It has been THE best year of my life.  Each day my heart grows more and more in love with Daniel and I am forever grateful that God gave me such an amazing soulmate and best friend to share my life with. It is evident that Daniel loves the Lord more than he loves me and I am thankful for that.  Our faith in Christ has strengthened more than I could have ever imagined in this past year and I am thankful for all of the blessings He has given us.  We got married, built a house, and are expecting our first child all in ONE year of saying our vows.  Some people may think that is a little much but it makes us believe that "God has a plan" even more true.  God is SO good and we are beyond blessed.  I love you Daniel and look forward to our future as a family!!

April 24, 2010

 Since we were so blessed to share the resurrection of Christ this year and our 1 year anniversary we decided to go to the beach a few days before so we would be back for church and time with family on Easter.  And yes, even being 34 weeks pregnant, I was still able to enjoy the beach.  In fact, as crazy as I may sound, I think I even enjoyed it more than NOT being pregnant because all we did was lay by the pool and beach, EAT good food, and RELAXED.  We did a little shopping at Pier Park each day, but other than that I had book in hand, feet propped up, and not a care in the world.  Even better, I was able to eat YUMMY seafood without feeling guilty about being in a swimsuit in front of hundreds of people the next day.   

Even though this time last year we were on our honeymoon for a week in St. Lucia, Daniel took great care of me and we had an amazing time celebrating a year of marrital bliss at the beach!  Here are a few memories of our honeymoon a year ago...
Just arrived in St. Lucia a.k.a. a little slice of heaven! :)

A year later...Happy Anniversary!

We left for the beach on Wednesday and came back on Saturday.  The next day we got up and celebrated Jesus' resurrection.  We went to church and headed to my parents house for a wonderful lunch. 
April 24, 2011
We had a great time spending quality time with family, hiding eggs, and remembering the real reason for the day. 

That morning, I got a text from one of my good friends Jessica, who has also been pregnant for the past 9 months alongside of me that said "Logan is HERE"!!!  She was due exactly a month before me on April 29.  Well, Logan decided to bless us with his presence a little early.  So, of course, I couldn't wait to get my hands on Jessica's little blessing.  We went that night to see the proud mommy and I got to hold this precious baby boy.  He was absolutely darling and made Daniel and I both that much more excited for our own little gift from God to arrive.  Congratulations again Jessica and Scott!!
Me and the elated mommy!
 Logan Scott Moore
Speaking of precious baby boy's I had a Dr.'s appointment today and was able to hear this little guy's heartbeat which ALWAYS brings a big smile to my face.

Everything is going great and Hampton is growing every day!  In fact, Dr. Patel said he is actually measuring a little bigger so we may have a Hampton a little earlier than everyone is expecting!! :)  In 2 weeks, he will do an ultrasound to see just how much bigger he is and give us more of an idea of his expected arrival date.  I could not be any more anxious I don't think.  Each day I get a little more and more excited, nervous, anxious, and a whole lot of emotions rolled into one.  We are in the process of putting the final touches to his nursery which also makes it more real for us.  It has been a ton of fun preparing for him to get here and I am so ready to finally meet him.  Pictures of nursery to come...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Good times with good friends...

Daniel and I found out we were expecting our first child on September 29, 2010.  Of course, we waited until we told our parents the good news to spread the word to our friends and other family members.  Once our parents knew, it was all down hill from there.  I couldn't wait any longer to tell everyone.  I sent out a mass text to most of all of our friends, but there were a few that received actual phone calls.  Two of those calls were made to Emily Byars and Leslie Moody.  I met Emily and Leslie both in Birmingham when I started teaching at Chalkville Elementary in 2005.  We all taught 1st grade together and immediately became close friends.  After moving back to Dothan last year, it's safe to say I miss these 2 girls A LOT.  We always have the best time with each other whether it's a serious or relaxed setting.  They truly have a heart for God and have helped me grow in my faith as a Christian and I thank them for that.  They both hold very special places in my heart and I am forever grateful to have them as my friends.  A few weeks after telling them both the good news, I received the same phone call from Leslie that I had given her just a few short weeks earlier.  She was pregnant as well!  Wow!  I was ecstatic for her and James and I knew exactly the wonderful feeling she was feeling.  Well, God works in mysterious ways and I love it.  A couple of weeks after that phone call with Leslie I received a call from Emily with the same exciting news.  Her and Michael were expecting their first bundle of joy also!  I was elated for us all.  We were all going through the same amazing emotions and journey of having our first child...together.  Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor too?!  Even though I live in Dothan now and they are both still in Birmingham, we still keep in touch and it has been SO much fun talking to them about what they're feeling, changes, etc. over the past 8 months while being pregnant.  However, talking on the phone just wasn't good enough.  We HAD to come up with a plan to hang out and spend the day together.  So, we set a date and many weeks later we all met at Eastchase Mall in Montgomery to spend some quality time together.  Montgomery was a half way point for all of us and it worked out perfect.  The weather was amazing and the day couldn't have been prettier.  We met at 11:00 and started out with a little shopping at Storkland and Name Dropper (imagine that!).  We moved on to eating lunch (of course we were hungry after 1 store) to Red Robin.  After a wonderful meal, we were ready to shop until we dropped (which doesn't take long for 3 pregnant girls)!  After a few hours of shopping, we made a final pit stop at Marble slab for some yummy ice cream before we had to say our good-byes.  Needless to say, with 3 really preggo girls, we got quite a few stares, nice little smiles, and even some "awe's" from strangers all day.  One person even asked if we were sisters or best friends!!  It was an extremely fun day and as always I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them.  Now, I cannot wait to do it again in September when Hampton and I both will actually get to meet Baby Byars and Baby Moody!! 
As you know, I am having a boy and due May 28.
Emily is having a boy and due June 11.
Leslie is having a girl and due July 7.
I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him. 1 Samuel 1:27

I cannot wait for all of our blessings to arrive.

I love and miss you both!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Busy. Busy. Busy.

So, April 8 was my last day not only at Girard Elementary, but as a teacher.  For now anyways.  I'm not sure where God will lead me in the future, but I am excited to see what He has in store for me, but as for now I am enjoying every single second of not working.  I still don't feel like I am out for good though because this week is our Spring Break so it hasn't quite hit me just yet that I get to run errands and do what I want, when I want for...well...however long until Hampton decides to make his grand entrance into the world.  However, if you know me well, you know it is extremely difficult for me to sit still...even being 34 weeks pregnant, can't breathe well, don't sleep at night, feet so swollen they are bruised and hurting, a mini Muhammed Ali in my stomach 24 hours a day, and waddling like a mother duck everywhere I go.  Since getting out on Friday, April 8 I have done anything and everything, but REST like I promised my husband I would do.  I have been busy, busy running around town getting things done before our little bundle of joy arrives.  I must admit I've always heard people say (including my mother and sister) that once you have a child, you would rather buy for them instead of yourself.  I have always begged to differ on that opinion because I LOVE to shop.  But, now with a child on the way, I completely understand that saying.  I find myself in the baby section of every store I walk into before even making it to my section (IF I even make it to my section).  One of my favorite things I have bought for him is his diaper bag. It's chocolate and teal with tons of storage and pouches on the inside with 2 pockets on the outside.  I absolutely LOVE it and couldn't be any more happier with my decision!
One thing is for sure.  The boy will never go without clothes.  Between my obsession with buying him outfits, hand me downs from my sister, attending Kid's Market in the fall, and my sister's friend, Nicole supplying me her little boy's closet...the boy has some clothes.  Every time I buy him something, I realize why God did not bless me with a little girl for my first child.  I think it's pretty safe to say one of two things would have happened.  1.  Daniel and I would be bankrupt and I do mean we would be NEGATIVE in the bank account or 2.  Daniel and I would get a divorce (bankruptcy being the cause of our divorce).  I cannot contain myself when I see little girl's clothing.  Now, don't get me wrong, little boys clothing is just as cute and just as fun to buy, but I will say I can contain myself just a little more.  Here are just a few (and I mean just a few) of my favorites I have bought him so far...
precious submarine
 Of course I had to buy him a Polo onesie when we went to Destin outlets
 Sailboats and ducks smocked bubble
I go through his closet and look at all of his clothes and just picture him in them. I can't wait for him to actually wear them.  Can. Not. Wait. 

On another note, neither Daniel nor I are avid readers and never have been, but I will say if someone recommends a book I should read, I usually try to make the time to read it.  9 times out of 10, for me starting a good book usually results in reading a few chapters in my spare time and then 6 months later forgetting what I had read so far because it had been so long since I read it last.  Doesn't work out that well.  Probably explains why I'm not really an avid reader.  However, lately Daniel has begun reading at night which usually turns to boredom for me.  I can only play on the computer for so many hours, right?!  haha  So, I started thinking, with all this "spare" time I'm going to have in the next few weeks I mine as well get into a good book.  I mentioned it to Daniel and he quickly gave me this one...
Let me tell you, I finished this 18 chapter book in record time for Anna Hewett.  It was unbelievably good.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND reading it if you haven't.  Now, I'm not going to bore you and give you any kind of synopsis or anything, but just take my word for it and read it.  I don't think you will be disappointed. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Wonderful Weekend!!

I had an amazing weekend to say the least!  It started off with a beatiful baby shower at my mom and dad's house on Saturday morning with friends and family!

My 2 sisters and amazing friends were the hostesses!  Thank you all again.  I am truly blessed to have such caring and wonderful sisters and friends!  Hampton and I love you all!

The A-DORABLE clothesline...
it had monogrammed outfits, bibs, and burp cloths (THANK YOU AUNT BROOKE),
and a couple of booties and diapers.  Too cute not to post a picture of!

Sunday was a very special day for Daniel and I.  When we first moved to Dothan in June 2010 we both were a little scared and overwhelmed with the feeling of wanting to find a church family.  We both knew that God would lead us where He wanted us to be, we just were unsure of where that needed to be.  After many months of praying and attending Covenant United Methodist Church we finally knew where our "church family" was and we officially became members of Covenant United Methodist on April 3, 2011. To God be the Glory.
"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15

After church we went and ate lunch at mother and daddy's house and had a little rest and relaxation time.  I got a little much needed sun and played with one of my favorite little munchkins!
One of my all time FAVORITE things about mother and daddy's house!
Cutest and sweetest little curly, red headed munchkin you will EVER meet!
She LOVES to swing!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!