Thursday, August 18, 2011

A lot of "firsts" for August

So far, August 2011 has been a time for a lot of "firsts". 

Let's not forget, as seen on my previous post, Hampton attended his first wedding on August 6.

I met Michelle for lunch at Mama Goldbergs last Thursday.  She also has a new addition, Addison, who was a month old that day.  It was Hampton's first time to eat at Mama G's as well as his first lunch date.  We all enjoyed it and we already have a 2nd date planned for next week! :)

Obviously, it wore them both out! ;) 

For the first time in 6 years, I did not get a classroom ready for a new year.  It was a very. weird. feeling. to say the least.  I felt almost like I was "skipping" school or something.  I know that probably sounds weird to some of you, but it is something I always looked forward to as a teacher.   I hated to see summer go for so many reasons, but deep down in the gut of my stomach I always had this "kid in a candy store" feeling when it got time to start getting ready for a new year.  A giddy kind of feeling.  An anxious kind of feeling.  I didn't get to feel that this August and it was truthfully bittersweet.  I am officially a stay at home mom with Hampton (for this year anyways!) and am absolutely loving every minute.  I know some of you are hating me by this point in my post and I understand if you forgo to stop reading now, but I'm not here to brag about not having to work by any means, just merely expressing my feelings.  I will also be the first to admit I do understand how fortunate and blessed I am to be able to do that.  I am so undeserving and I thank God every day numerous times for my families many blessings.  Lately, Hampton and I have been being VERY lazy and he doesn't seem to mind one single bit which I'm loving because I know he won't be like that for long.  Last week we gave Hampton a small blanket that is half blanket and half monkey really just to see what he would do with him, if anything at all at such a small age.  Boy, were we wrong.  He has been literally obsessed with this cuddly thing every second since.  It has come to be quite the entertainment in our household.  Sad, I know.  It has been so fun to watch him cuddle with him and love on him.  He even sleeps with the thing (just like we needed 1 more thing in the middle of our queen size bed!).  He gets these death grips on him and will NOT let go.  Seriously.  At 2 months.  Who woulda thunk it??  I dang sure wouldn't have. He loves for him to be ANYWHERE he is.  In his swing, car seat, bouncy seat.  It's crazy.  Ok. Enough about this monkey, but I will leave you with one funny story from today.  So, I started thinking, just how much does this kid really know about this monkey?!  Is he just holding him because we give him to him?  Of course, I decide to experiment and do a little test.  I put Hampton in his swing and lay monkey up on the arm of the swing to the left of him.  Not in his lap.  Not even touching his lap.  I went and washed 4 bottles in the kitchen and came back to check on him.  I swear on my life this is what I witnessed.  No joke.  Call me crazy lady if you want, but this mama about died while sprinting to get a camera.

And the even funnier thing was the look on his face.  It's like he's saying, "what?  I didn't do anything."  I couldn't stop laughing.  I think it's safe to say, monkey is here to stay. :)

My other sweet little man, Hughes, started back to school this past Monday.  He is officially a First Grader at Houston Academy.  With Dana and my mom being in Nashville with Miss Lucy still, friends and family have been helping Brad out with Hughes.  So, Wednesday was my day to pick him up from school for the first time since he became a first grader.  I was SO excited!  I looooove picking him up and spending time with him.  As I sat in the car rider line I thought back on his life and how fast it has flown by and how he has grown into such a loving, smart, precious little boy.  If you have nieces and nephews you know what I'm talking about when I say there is a deep, deep love that I feel for this child.  He makes me so incredibly happy and literally lights up my day when I see him.  Tears began to fill  my eyes when I spotted him sitting their anxiously waiting for me to get there.  That little neck was stretched as far as it could stretch looking for my car in the line.  As soon as they called his name, he jumped up and was grinning from ear to ear, waving frantically as he walked towards my car.  He now has a "big boy" bookbag and uniforms to wear.  I'm not sure what it was that got to me the most, but he looked like he was in fifth grade and so grown up.  It made me SO sad for the fact that our little Hughes is growing up.  And then I laughed at myself as I thought...oh dear.  Here I am crying over Hughes being in first grade.  HOW will I do this with my own?  They will have to sedate me and Daniel will just have to video tape to show me one day."  hahaha  I don't even like to think about it.  Once he hopped in the car, I had tried my best to compose myself, so his nosey rosey little self wouldn't ask why I was crying as soon as he got in.  We headed down the road and about a short 2 minute conversation and 5 miles down the road later, he somehow had scored a trip to his favorite, Chuckee Cheese.  Anything to make this boy happy!  Something else I'm not going to be so good at and have to work on for the future...saying NO.  I'm sure it will be different with my own though (I sure hope so for the sake of our checking account!).  It was also Hampton's first time ever to go.  He was asleep when we arrived, but once he woke up he was A-mazed at all of the colorful, bright lights. 

Proud little first grader :)

"Um, where am I, mom?!?"

At our church this week they had what they call Mission Blitz Week where they have numerous projects that you can choose from to serve at in our community.  Since joining Covenant, Daniel and I have been looking forward for ways to get more involved with our church.  This was the perfect opportunity.  So, tonight we helped serve dinner for the first time at Mama Tina's Soup Kitchen.  Talking about an eye opener.  As heartbreaking as it was, it was such a humbling experience and I'm so thankful we had the opportunity to reach some of God's people through something as simple as serving them food.  We had a great time and will definitely be doing it again. 

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