Friday, July 8, 2011

Start off where I left off...

Well, if you're wondering if I was EVER going to fulfill my blogging duties again, I finally am.  As most of you already know, thanks to the wonderful world of Facebook, I've been a tad bit distracted over the past 5 weeks with this little guy...
Hampton Woods Hewett, June 2, 2011
7:34 a.m. 8 lbs. 12 oz. 21 inches
First of all, let me just say, I just read my last post and it was so fun to read because even though these past 5 weeks have flown by, I still vividly remember being miserably pregnant at 40 weeks and thinking this child was never going to come!  I also laughed at the fact of knowing now what I didn't know then.  My favorite line was reading about the cervadil when I said, "There is a possibility that it won't do anything."  WOW!!  Boy, was I wrong.  This is how it all went down (in a short version)  haha. Yeah right.  The term short version is not in my vocabulary even though I really wish it was sometimes.  Anyhow, the times are approximate since I was pretty much out of it for about 48 hours!  I was admitted to SEAMC about 4:00 on Weds. June 1.  After getting all settled in my room, the nurses came in and started my IV which took them about 30 minutes because my veins apparently are horrible.  Next thing I knew Dr. Scott came in and went ahead and put in the cervadil.  Well, the cervadil had basically a negative effect on my body and it started working way too much way too soon.  The point of the cervadil was to soften my cervix "overnight" and then they would start pitocin the next morning.  However, in a couple of hours, the cervadil had kicked in and I was having contractions so hard it made Hampton's heartbeat bottom out.  That's all it took.  They took the cervadil out immediately.  By now, I was on some really good pain medicine for the contractions and I didn't know what was going on.  In the meantime, they had also taken blood and sent it to the lab.  Dr. Scott came back in after taking the cervadil out and said lab results showed that my platelet count was extremely low (as in 72,000 when normal is 150,000) and of course, I had NO idea what this meant.  He explained to me that sometimes that happens to women during pregnancy and it meant that I would not be able to have an epidural or spinal for natural delivery or c-section due to the risk of bleeding.  "Excuse me.  WHAT did you just say???  I know I'm pretty doped up and everything, but I know my hearing is still good and I think you just told me I couldn't have an epidural because of some kind of platelet count."  I would give anything to have seen my face at that moment because I'm pretty sure it was priceless.  So, then he tells Daniel and I our options: for them to start pitocin the next morning and try to have a vaginal delivery with IV pain medicine, but would not numb me and wouldn't be as strong or have a c-section, but with general anesthesia.  And by the way, at this point, Dr. Patel had already described my cervix as a "stone cervix" and I was still not dilated.  Not even 1 centimeter!!!  Next, he tells us we can "discuss" what I want to do and let him know.  These were my next words, "oh, there's nothing to discuss.  I'm not a natural delivery kind of girl.  I will definitely have a c-section."  And that I did.  Even though the birth of my son was not your "typical" birth situation and not AT ALL what I had pictured or expected, I wouldn't trade it for the world.  I knew God was still in control, it was His grand plan, and that was all that mattered.  After the cervadil finally began to wear off, I was able to get some much needed rest that night.  The next morning, June 2, bright and early Dr. Patel (my Dr.) came in to say hello and let me know he was there and that I would be taken back around 7.  LOTS of emotions at this point.  If the word describes any kind of emotion I probably felt it.  Excited, anxious, scared, nervous, happy, sad, etc. You get the point.  I'm not sure what the saddest part for me was, the fact Daniel couldn't be back there in the OR because of them having to do general anesthesia or me not being able to see or hold my son the moment he arrived in the world.  But, I thought to myself, as long as he is a healthy baby, I should have no worries.  At 7:00 they came in to get me and by 7:34 we had a perfect little angel.  Thankfully, one of the sweet nurses took pictures on my camera the whole time from him being born to them giving him to Daniel for the first time to his first bath and everything else they do when they got him back to the room.  I'm pretty certain that was a God send because He knows how OCD I am about taking pictures, much less of my first son being born.  Here are just a FEW of the ones she took.
Dr. Patel and Dr. Scott
 Welcome to the world Hampton!
 Everyone seeing him for the first time and proud Daddy!!
Sweet feet!
First bath...don't think he liked it too much! :(
When it felt like the world stopped turning...
Mommy getting to see him for the first time! :)

Our first official family photo! :)
We were both released 48 hours later and I've had a fairly easy recovery.  Even though I'm still recovering some, I almost feel like my own self again.  I'm looking forward to my 6 week post-op appointment next week.

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