Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One last blog before I become a MOMMY!!!

I had my 40 week appointment this morning at 10:45.  Hampton is still hanging out all comfy in my tummy and I was still not dilated at. all.  So, I will be admitted this afternoon at 3:00 and they will begin with Cervadil which will hopefully help me begin to dilate.  There is a possibility that it won't do anything.  If not, they will start pitocin in the early morning hours and then we will go from there.  If that still doesn't get him out then they will do a c-section sometime tomorrow afternoon/night.  Dr. Patel said he won't torture me too late if the pitocin doesn't work pretty quickly.  So, once again, it is pretty much a waiting game...STILL.  Which shouldn't be too hard for me since I've been doing a whole lot of waiting in the past few weeks!!  What's another day at this point?!  I'm feeling a lot of emotions all at once...excited, nervous, terrified, happy.  My feelings change every few minutes.  I know that probably sounds crazy.   I think the anticpation of it all is killing me the most, but I just keep reminding myself that we will be leaving with our precious baby boy when it is all over with and that's what makes my heart smile the most.  The funny thing is, my first doctors visit to confirm I was pregnant they said my due date was June 1.  As weeks went by they changed it to May 28 because he was measuring bigger.  And here we are on June 1 and more than likely, his birthday will be June 2.  I guess he already wanted to be fashionably late.  We will see. 

40 loooooong weeks ago...

How we told our parents we were expecting! :) 

Prayers are greatly appreciated as we wait the arrival of our little blessing!  :)

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