Sunday, July 24, 2011

7 weeks and 2 days

It happened.  The inevitable.  My precious baby got sick for the FIRST time and as you probably already guessed by the title of this blog at 7 weeks 2 days old.  I knew it would eventually happen, but no matter how much I could try, I knew I would never be 100% prepared.  I was so sad for him and still am.  Now I know it could be a lot worse, BUT he is still so pitiful.  I went to get a pedicure yesterday (Saturday) and to Hobby Lobby. When I got home, Daniel told me he had been sneezing and coughing a lot himself all of a sudden and had noticed since Hampton's last feeding, he was having the same symptoms with lots of congestion too.  Well, Daniel of course, being 28 years old just went and took some medicine for him not feeling so well.  Hampton, on the other hand, got progressively worse through the afternoon and early night hours.  I could tell he didn't feel good. He was irritable and just couldn't get comfortable.  He had no fever, but we still called the nurse on call to see if there was anything we could give him.  2 1/2 frustrating hours later, we talked to the nurse who told us there was nothing we could give him at his age.  She said we could sit him in steam to open up his nose for the drainage and to continue to use the bulb to get the "gunk" out of his nose.  Poor thing.  Talking about feeling helpless as a parent.  Not to mention it was wearing mommy and daddy down as well as little Hampton.  Needless to say, it was a restless night for all.  Daniel is feeling much better today.  Hampton has pretty much slept all day (I guess catching up on what he lost last night).  He still is sick, but seems to feel and sound a little better from last night.  Dana called Lucy's Dr. today, who is at the same Pediatrician office we use, to double check if there was really nothing we could do for him.  She did tell Dana we could use some Saline spray to help clear him out some which I am going to do first thing when he wakes up.  Hopefully, after that and his bedtime feeding, he will rest much better tonight and feel like himself again tomorrow.  This momma is tired of seeing her sweet baby sick and feeling so helpless.  So, with that said, prayers would be greatly appreciated for all 3 of us please.  I did manage to catch a couple of pics today after church when he was actually awake for 2.5 seconds. :)

P.S.  Prayers for my parents, Brad, Dana, Hughes, and Lucy would also be greatly appreciated.  They leave in the morning (Monday) traveling to Nashville, TN preparing for Lucy's 3rd open heart surgery this Thursday.  Brooke, Hampton, and I are leaving Wednesday to go up.  Later post on that in the next day or so.  For now, I have a sick and hungry precious baby I have to tend to.

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