Thursday, December 15, 2011

'Tis the Season

for birthdays and Santa Claus!!  Friday, Dec. 9 was Daniel's 29th (and holding) birthday!  The day before they had a big on the air drive at Lifesouth with WTVY where Daniel had already informed me that Santa would be there.  At this point, Hampton had yet to meet Santa for the first time so while out running errands I figured we would sneak in a little visit with Daddy AND Santa all in one stop.  I tried to soak up Hampton liking Santa this year because I've been warned it might not be so easy the next 2 years or even 3.  Of course he went right to him, although his facial expressions gave away the fact he knew he was a little "different" than your everyday human.  But, no tears or screams, so we're all good...this year anyways! 

"Man, that sure is a whole lotta hair I can pull!!"

Happy (early) Birthday Daddy!

The next day, Daniel was so kind to take off on his special day so we could spend the day all together.  We had fun plans for the day starting with a couple of errands, lunch, and then taking Hampton to see Santa at the mall for his picture with him.  We all had a fun day celebrating Daddy's birthday and just hanging out with each other.  I am one blessed soul.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Waiting in line to see Santa

An hour and a half later...

we finally meet Santa (again) and tell him some of the things
Hampton has requested for Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Hewetts!

I hope each and every one of you have a joy filled Christmas this year and don't forget the real meaning of the most wonderful time of year...Jesus is the reason for the season!  Happy (early) Birthday, Jesus!!


  1. LOVE those Santa pics!! And Happy Birthday Daniel!! xoxo Brooke

  2. Awe thank you love! And I told Daniel HB for you!