Saturday, August 11, 2012

We all survived...Hampton's first week of daycare

Well, on a GOOD note, Hampton has officially been in a daycare a whole week now and we all survived, yay!! On a bad note, by day 5 his immune system had kicked in and realized he was obviously playing with some unfamiliar germs that it didn't like because he already has the "daycare crud". Ugh. Not. Fun. Nothing that a little children's cold and allergy dimetapp can't kill, but still. I HATE when my baby is sick and not feeling well.  His teacher's have given me a GREAT report every day this week.  They LOVE him already and apparently the feeling is mutual because he has reached for his teachers everyday so far!!  In a nutshell, they said he has yet to cry, LOVES to eat, is SO sweet, and is BUSY. haha!!  That's definitely my sweet Hampton!  Also, the whole napping scenario was the only thing we were all concerned about.  One nap vs. two.  Sleeping on a nap mat on the FLOOR vs. his crib (for a year now).  We started out on Monday with about a 15 minute nap on his mat.  Tuesday he wouldn't lay down on his mat so they rolled a crib from down the hall and he slept 45 minutes in it.  Wednesday, he slept an hour in the crib.  Thursday, he slept 1 hour and 20 minutes on his nap mat and Friday he slept 2 hours on his nap mat!!!!!!!!!!!!  He is SO smart.  Guess he realized that all the other kids were doing it, he could to. haha!!  Either way, we're SO proud of him!!  I couldn't be happier with where he is, his teachers, and how well his first week went (besides the crud, but that's just a given).  Thank you, Lord, for your abundant blessings!!  This mommy is VERY thankful!

One of my favorite things is sneaking up to the window when I go in to pick him up.  I LOVE to see what he's doing.  It's so cute and a little funny to watch him with all the other little munchkins in there.  Although, it makes me a little sad watching him because he is so grown up looking.  I don't like that part.  Anyways, the first day I went to pick him up and this is what he was doing..."talking" non stop to the little girl across the hall.  It was hysterical.  And when he finished he never even saw me.  He just walked away.  hahaha   I about fell out.  Watch out girls...looks like we already have a little heart breaker on our hands!! ;) 

 This was Friday morning before school.  Actually, before the Waffle House with Mimi.

I tried to spend a little extra quality time with him this week before we get on our rigid every single day schedule.  The schedule where I don't go up to school anytime I want or I get to drop him off whatever time or I get to drop him off and not Daniel.  That schedule starts Tuesday and I'm NOT looking forward to it.  So, we met Mimi at the Waffle House Friday morning before heading to school.  He was just about an hour and a half tardy, but our goal is not perfect attendance at this point!! ;)

Lastly, if you live in Dothan you know that this past Monday obviously started the 40 days of rain because it has seriously rained every. single. day. this past week.  Therefore, hindering me from getting the "out by the sign" pic of Hampton at school.  BUT, God knows me well, so he gave me about a 3 minute time frame Friday morning when I dropped him off to snap a few of him with NO rain.  He already didn't feel well, bless his heart, and now I was making him stand in some bushes by some sign that he had no clue what for.  BUT, I wasn't turning down this small window of opportunity to snap the pic quickly. :)

Ahhhh...isn't he just precious?!

I love this child...seriously my whole world!  :)

 I forgot to mention how he has already shown some signs of what I know he has picked up and learning at school.  For example, they sit criss cross on the floor to watch t.v. and when I turned on our t.v. in our room Friday morning while I was finishing getting ready, he went and sat on the floor with his legs criss crossed.  Talk about melt my heart.  Wow.  I'm anxious and excited to see what all he learns from "school".  I know he will learn and grow SO much in just this first year!  We are so proud of you Hampton already!  Mommy and Daddy love you soooo much!!

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