Saturday, September 8, 2012

15 months old

I haven't posted in quite some time with school starting, but I didn't want to slack on posts about our precious little growing man.  He had his 15 month appointment this last Tuesday, Sept. 4.  Since just starting school, sadly, I opted for Daniel to take him without me so I wouldn't have to miss any school so soon.  Of course, Daniel was happy to.  I'm so very thankful for such a loving and caring husband and daddy to our son.  He is always so happy to spend time with Hampton and I have no worries about what is going on when I'm not around.  I sometimes take him for granted, but try not to because I know there are many people out there that can't say the same about their significant other, unfortunately. usual, Dr. Williams said he was "perfect."  Count my many blessings every. night. 

His 15 month old stats were:

weight: 24 lbs 8 oz

height:  31 inches

head: 49 1/2 cm
He got a book at his appointment and Daniel was thoughtful enough to send me a text when they left of how the appt. went as well as a picture of Hampton looking at his book.  :)  Made my heart smile.
As of now...
he LOVES to be outside.  Doing anything.  As long as it's outside.
he also loves to be in just a diaper.
he still loves to play peek-a-boo

he is SO silly these days, but keeps us all laughing :)
he truly enjoys daycare (thank you, Lord!)
he's not saying too much on his own, but will repeat or at least "try" to repeat anything you tell him to say.  He did say "fish" plainly at Brooke's house the other day. 
he is near about running and LOVES to go to the park.  He would rather run around and slide than swing

There are tons of other things I am sure I could think of, but my brain is shutting down for the day and I am exhausted.  Needless to say, he is your typical "all boy" 15 month old with the sweetest personality and FULL of life and joy!  I really am blessed to call him mine!  :)

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