Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hampton's 1st (early) birthday party in GA

This past weekend we went to Daniel's Aunt Teresa and Uncle Jim's house for a little early birthday par-tay for the upcoming birthday boy.  She wanted to give him a party in GA for Daniel's side of the family who all live in GA.  A great time was had by all.  I will let most of the pictures do the 'talking' for this post.  Lord knows I took enough...
Hampton's going to be 1 on June 2!!!
 He has officially hit the stage where he LOVES balloons!
 Our precious boy!
 He loves dogs and it was no different with their dog, Calvin

 Aunt Teresa is the ultimate party planner and creator.
She did an amazing job with everything!
 The theme was crayons...
Hampton's first year...so colorful :)

"WHAT is this thing you are putting in front of me, daddy?!?"

"Are you serious?!"

I must admit, he was his momma's son when it came to his smash cake. 
It hurt my heart a little bit to think about letting this go on, but I think it hurt his too (just a little).
 At first, he just picked little pieces of it, then he began to get the hang of it.
 And he still didn't do much damage (considering what other 1 year olds usually do!)
 Theeeeen, he realized just how yummy this stuff was...
 We love you Hampton sooooo much!!!

Yaaaaaay, Hampton!!
 "Where'd it go?!?"

After a quick bath and a wardrobe change, we were all ready to open gifts!!
 He had fun tearing the paper :)
 Checking out one of the cute crayon books Aunt Teresa gave him!

So sweet.
 A big thanks again to Aunt Teresa for the fun birthday party!  Everyone had a blast!

We got back home late Sunday night.  Daniel had Memorial Day off the next day so we thought it would be nice to actually relax and have a little fun by Mimi and Papa's pool.  We grilled hamburgers and swam all day.  There were a few clouds, but for the most part it was sunny and HOT!!
 Our little water baby!!

Watching Papa clean everything up outside :)

I hope everyone had a fun, yet safe Memorial day weekend!

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