Monday, April 2, 2012

10 months old

Holy smokes.  10 short months have FLOWN by and we are 2 months away from the big FIRST birthday.  Eeeeek.  Have to be honest, I'm getting a little sad with each day passing.  Hampton is growing SO fast and learning new things I feel like on a daily basis.  We took his 10 month pictures tonight and I must say, he was the wiggliest, squirmiest that he's been yet.  It was a very difficult task to keep him in his green chair.  Hence, having to give him the monkey towards the end.  Anything to keep him in the chair!  haha

Daddy sure is a funny guy! :)

"Hey friend..."

The monkey fell and Hampton almost did too. 
He went straight for him...

As of now...

he loves anything that moves.  Anything he can crawl after, roll, or push.

he loves dogs and thinks they are funny! (No, we don't have a 4 legged furry friend of our own and mama doesn't want or NEED that responsibility right now!)

he loves to swing and be outdoors.  He will actually crawl to the door now and whine wanting to go outside.

A lot of things he is beginning to do and say now I haven't or can't capture them in a picture so I will have the memory written in his book or on here.  For example...

he is an extreme chatter box.  He has really opened up in public and around others this last month.  Up until then,  he was extremely shy.  So far, he is saying da-da, ma-ma, and bye-bye (only sometimes or basically when he wants to.)

he points to things when he wants you to see it.

he waves bye-bye and it is THE cutest thing ever.

I look forward to every new day with this sweet child of mine.  I pray that he fully understands just how much he is loved by Daniel and I.  He is the biggest blessing and we truly do love him to the moon and back.

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