Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cheers to 2 wonderful years!!

Each time a certain holiday or special occasion comes along I can't help but ponder back to the year or years before on what it was like then vs. now.  Daniel and I just celebrated our 2 year anniversary yesterday.  As I thought back on the past 2 years I couldn't help but smile thinking of what all the Lord has blessed us with along with all the trials and tribulations that He has brought us through.  Don't worry, I'm not going to write a sappy post on how much I love my husband and how he's the best thing the Lord has ever put in my life, etc. etc. because you already know all that.  However, it sure is neat to compare where we were each year on our anniversary thus far. 

Of course the first year was our amazing and forever memorable wedding day.

We went to the beach on our 1 year anniversary and I was oh, 34 weeks pregnant with our first little angel, Hampton.

And this year we happened to go to the beach as well, but we stayed with my cousin, Cheri.  Sweet Hampton had a blast!  His 3rd cousin, Lydia was down there for the week as well so he had a playmate for the weekend.
We didn't get down there until late Friday night and when we woke up Saturday morning to clouds and 60% chance of thunderstorms, I knew it was going to be an inside and peaceful kind of beach trip.  And that it was.  We lounged around ALL day and listened to the monsoon.  Cheri and Chris have an awesome backyard complete with 2 porches, one that is screened in and the other with a tin roof.  Ahhh, a little piece of heaven when you're lounging under a screened in porch, listening to the rain hit the tin roof...even at the beach.  Thank you again Chris and Cheri for sharing your beautiful beach house with us!  Sunday, of course, was gorgeous!  Not a cloud in the sky, but the best day to fly a kite.  It. was. windy.  Like 25-30 mph windy.  So what else to do than get in the golf cart and ride around.  We went to the pool first.  (Lydia just THOUGHT she wanted to swim until she got her whole teeny tiny body in).  That lasted about 2.5 seconds.  Oh well.  I got some cute shots of our little man. ;)
 Next, we ventured over to Frank Brown Park for the kiddos to play a bit.  This is the face you get when Hampton is sleepy and had no nap for the day.  Who can blame him?! :)
 I guess he got his 2nd wind...

Annnnnd, finally, this is our little family of 3 on our actual anniversary day.  2 years later. :)

Uncle Jerry and Aunt Brooke were nice enough to keep the kiddo while Daniel and I went to eat at Ichiban baby free!!   Thank y'all again! 

Happy Anniversary, Daniel. 
Hampton and I love you to the moon and back!!

I wouldn't trade my life for anything and I'm looking forward to many, many more with the ones I love!!!

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