Thursday, March 29, 2012

March Madness

And I'm not talking about basketball either.  I'm speaking of our lives around the Hewett household.  Our March has been jam packed and it's looking like April is in close second.  

1.  Hughes has started baseball.  Yay!  However, I was a bad aunt and forgot my camera for his first game, but I promise pics in the near future.

2.  I started a maternity leave on March 12 in First Grade at Rehobeth Elementary and absolutely LOVE it!!  I don't love leaving Hampton everyday after being with him at home for 9 months, but we've both adjusted well.  Plus, he is in very good hands with one of my sweet friends' aunt, Mrs. Cathy.  She adores him and he adores her.  SO thankful for her and him not having to go to day care right now.  :)

3.  An answered prayer (or shall I say MANY prayers!)...Daniel officially got a new job with Amerigas on March 16.  Tomorrow is his last day of his 2 week notice at LifeSouth.  We will definitely miss the people he has worked with there, but know God had His hands all over this new and great opportunity for him.  I am thrilled for him and this new adventure for our family.  I can't wait to see what all God has in store for our future. 

His sweet employees threw him a surprise going away party...
and boy, was a it a surprise! :)

The awesome cake one of his very own employees made...13 hours!
 Giving his thank you speech :)

4.  On March 17 we said good-bye to our beloved Black Maxima and welcomed (with open arms) a 2012 white Armada.  I was SO sick of looking at SUV's, test driving SUV's, and negotiating SUV's that I was soooo happy when we arrived at the decision of the Armada.  Thank you, Mitchell Nissan, we LOVE it!!!

5.  This past weekend we headed to GA for Daniel's grandmother's 82nd birthday.  It was at his Aunt Teresa's out at their beautiful farm.  We got some awesome pictures, but I will spare you with just a few that I captured from this memorable weekend.

My love!!

Yep.  I shot this. :)

We had a little shooting practice

Mamaw with her 2 great grandsons...Happy 82nd birthday! 

Mason, Hampton's 3rd cousin

My 2 sweet boys :)

A good time was had by all. 

Tomorrow starts Spring Break and I couldn't be more excited!  To welcome Spring Break, I leave for Brooke's bachelorette weekend at the beach at 3:00 and I can't wait!!  It is going to be a super, duper fun weekend with some great friends.  Pictures from that will follow in the upcoming week...

After that, bring on April.  I'm. ready.  :)

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