Sunday, March 4, 2012

9 months old

This last Friday, March 2, marked 9 months since Hampton was born.  Wow.  Just doesn't seem real.  Buuuut, it is and we are loving every minute of our preciousness.  His 9 month check up is not until this Friday so that will have to be a post all on its own.  In the meantime, we'll talk about how fast our baby boy is growing and learning! 

As of now...

he has ALWAYS loved playing and hanging out with his 2 older cousins, but especially when he gets to...

at the PARK!!
 he still LOVES swinging!
 he enjoys playing with all his toys, of course, and this gum ball machine is one of his favorites
 he has found the "tupperware" cabinet :) which is fine with me.  It's nothing but plastics in there and it definitely keeps him "busy" when I'm in the kitchen doing things

he says "da-da" like every 10.2 seconds.  He wakes up calling for him, when I am talking on the phone to someone he calls for him, when I am telling him "no, no" he calls for him, when I am changing his diaper he calls for him...ok, you get the drift.  Isn't it funny how I am with him literally 24/7, but yet "da-da" is his first words??  Amazing.  ;)  We think he's trying to say "ma-ma", but you can't really tell and he's also saying something to the effects of "nana".  NO idea where that came from unless he's seriously trying to call me "Anna"?  "Sorry son, but you will NOT refer to me as Anna.  Just not gonna let that happen."  He's also been trying to say "bye-bye"...we THINK.  That ones not too clear either.  And other than the other "ooohs, ahhh, and blahhhs" that's about all the language he's speaking.  These next few months should be interesting in that department.

he loves to "show out", but then again, what kid doesn't right?!

he LOVES playing in our closet...pulling on the clothes...crawling under the clothes...falling in the clothes (yes, that are hanging).  Hysterical is an understatement.  Don't worry, we made sure to get video and pictures of this the other day.  Can't wait for him to watch that in 10 or so years. ;) 

There he goes...
 there he comes...
 he loves to play peek-a-boo...where's Hampton?!?  ha!

he likes TRYING to feed himself  :)  Clearly, we don't have that mastered just yet.

Every day is a fun filled day with this adorable child.  He has THE sweetest little personality.  So loving. shy, reserved, and so happy.  He brightens our world a little more with each day that passes and I am more than thankful he is in our lives. 

Mommy and Daddy love you so much, sweet boy!

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