Thursday, February 2, 2012

8 months old

Time is a flyin'.  Baby boy turned 8 months old today!  He is THE light of our lives in every way possible.  I thank our Heavenly Father above numerous times daily for our little fella.  He is still growing like a weed and hadn't slowed down a bit.  Taking in everything around him and learning new things every single day.  I LOVE it!!  He is the happiest and best baby any parents could EVER ask for.  Seriously.  He's amazing.

As of now...

he is...drumroll please...


And in to EVERY.THING.

he is pulling himself up on the coffee table (and likes to bite the edges on his way up!)

he has his 2 top teeth coming in (those haven't been fun and I hear molar's are even worse!)  Looking forward to that already
he is really beginning to try and talk.  He said "da-da" in a string of words the other night.  I told Daniel it didn't count. ;)
he loves to ride in the buggy at the store

he loves to swing (we figured that out in B'ham when we stayed with the Moore's)

and he finally loves *his* swing at home (and this beatiful spring 70 degree weather has been helping us out in that department.  We take every chance we can to go hang outdoors.

he loves pulling himself up to stand anywhere he can

he loves to ride on things (with help of course)
 he loves to flirt with people and "talk" to them anywhere we go these days
 he has recently figured out a new found love of climbing on the couch (check out those little toes down there people).  He pushes those little feet and toes sooo hard to get to those blinds. 

He was quiet the little busy bee this past month learning all these new tricks.  We are so proud of him and become overwhelmed with joy with each day that passes.  He is so smart and picks up on new things very quickly.  My heart overflows with love and happiness for this child.  I can't begin to imagine what this month has in store for us.  :)

Happy 8 months our sweet boy!!  Mommy and Daddy love you!!

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