Monday, November 14, 2011

November = Nut Fest!!

Friday, November 4, kicked off our 68th annual National Peanut Festival Fair.  I was SO excited to take our litty bitty out there to see all the sights, smells, and sounds it has to offer.  Even though he won't remember and he obviously can't ride any of the rides yet, it was still an exciting time.  You see, we (as in my my 2 sisters and I) grew up going to the fair.  My parents volunteered for as long as I can remember being in this world and it was such a fun experience and tradition to be a part of.  So, once Daniel and I got married I lovingly forced him into volunteering to keep the tradition alive and going for our family. ;)  Plus, you get to get in free ALL week.  Who wouldn't want to volunteer for that?! 

This year, we went not once, not twice, but three times, as if once or twice wasn't enough to eat your weight in corn dogs, elephant ears, and boiled peanuts (and in that order. every year).  I was also quick to remember this year how much more fun it is to go while PREGGO.  You can eat your weight in those foods mentioned above and not feel one bit guilty about it until you're about half way home and you feel nauseated because you ate so much.  So what?  You just take zantac, go to bed, and still wake up with a HUGE belly the next morning.  Eating all that when you're NOT preggo, well, not so fun.  I had to work out twice the next day just to make up for it! I told Daniel my goal is to be preggo again by the nut fest next year so I won't have to do all that working out the next day.  JUST KIDDING FOLKS.  Just a joke.  I swear.  Maybe 2013 or 14. :)  Anyways, the first night we went was Friday, Nov. 4, as our family of 3. We all had a blast! 

It was "beary" cold, so we had to bundle up tight!
I know, cheesy, but I had to. ;)

Had to take a pic on a John Deere to match our cute outfit
(that by the way of course Aunt Brooke made for him!)
you can see more of her adorable stuff here...

He thought he was big stuff!

We went again on Monday night with the whole fam and had a blast again!  It was so much fun watching Hughes and Lucy ride rides together!  They both had a ball.  I can't wait to be able to watch Hampton's face light up on rides like theirs did.  Watching pure JOY come across a child's face whether it be your own, a niece or nephew, or someone else's, there is just nothing else like it in the whole world. 

Hughes was ecstatic that they got to go to the fair together...
it is the sweetest thing to see Hughes with him.  I mean,
check out that little hand of a 6 year old on his back.  Too sweet!

Hampton listens and watches Hughes like a hawk...he LOVES Hughes and Lucy!

I couldn't resist!

Like I've said in posts before, Hughes is THE sweetest and most thoughtful
little guy ever...look at him with his arm around Lucy!  That was a tear jerker moment :)

The cute seals on their stage.  I must say, nut fest has bumped it up a notch
since I was 6 years old.  I never saw a seal perform out there.  Just sayin'.

When Aunt Brooke isn't around, this is usually what takes place :)
Don't hurt me, Brooke. Hey, I promoted your business in this post!

I truly LOVE this family pic of makes me smile!

Papa had to get his time in!

Love me some Hughes man. 
This picture makes me realize how tall he is now
(or really just how short I am)

It is extremely rare to get this energetic red headed doll to stop
long enough to smile, much less LOOK at the camera too
so I LOVE this picture with Lucy!  She makes my heart smile BIG!!

By Sunday, Nov. 13, we still hadn't had enough so we went back out there for one final round.  This time I got talked into riding (by an excited 6 year old. go figure).  Wild Mouse was just that.  A little wild, but fun.  I don't think I mentioned for the last oh, about 15 years or so, I don't go for the rides anymore.  Just to stuff my face and socialize.  Just for the record, I was successful at that again this year. 

Dana rode the train with Miss Priss and as you can see, she was a little confused as who this random little girl was sitting by her and her mommy. It was quite the entertainment for most of the ride.

And sweet itty bitty was a great sport the whole time again...through his nap time and all. 
Never heard one peep from him.  He is Daniel made over. :)

And the anticipation began all over this morning...until next year nut fest...when we finally meet again.

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