Thursday, November 17, 2011

Body by Vi

It all started when I received a message from a friend on F.B. towards the end of my pregnancy telling me about Body by Visalus and asking if I would be interested once I had Hampton.  Well, at the time, I wasn't interested in losing weight really.  I was more interested in getting this moving thing that punches and kicks my ribs out of my body.  I honestly didn't put much thought into it.  I only gained around 35 pounds during my pregnancy so once I had an 8 lb. 12 oz. healthy baby boy I didn't have THAT much more to lose (and I'm comparing that to me gaining like 60 or more pounds).  I had a c-section so moving or exercising sooner than later just didn't really seem to be in the cards for me.  However, the determined person I am, chose otherwise.  I was up moving around my hospital room, walking the halls, etc. WAY before your average joe apparently.  That's what all the nurses and Dr.'s said anyways and they just couldn't believe how much I was getting up and going after a major abdominal surgery.  But, if you know me, you know I am NOT a couch potato and can't stand to lay around or even relax ESPECIALLY in a hospital bed.  So, little did I know, getting up, moving around helped me leave the hospital 24 hours sooner than I normally would have after a c-section.  Yay! Go me. So, once I got home the next day, I was outside strolling Hampton down the sidewalk in our neighborhood.  I was moving SLOOOW, but moving nonetheless.  The first 4-6 weeks post pregnancy I lost 7 pounds.  It was amazing.  I was shocked.  I was like, "whoa.  who knew it was going to be so easy to get this weight off.  Maybe I should have more babies than we've planned."  HA!  Yeah, right.  Little did I know those 7 were going to come off, but what about the rest??  Right.  The OTHER.  Well, here it is almost 6 months later and there are about 10 pounds that are truely still taunting me.  They will not go away.  I've tried about everything at this point.  I lose 2 pounds.  Gain a pound.  Etc, etc.  Sooooo, recently, I saw another friend of mine on FB who had been doing Body by Vi and mentioned she had dropped 2 pant sizes in about a month of doing it.  Of course I also remembered then about my other friend messaging me about it when I was still preggo and she by the way LOST 45 lbs out of the 60 she had gained during  her pregnancy.  To me, those are 2 pretty good testimonials about it if you ask me.  Also, these aren't 2 random people, these are 2 personal friends who I knew would give me the truth about the whole thing.  After speaking with both of them on the phone last week, I caved.  I am ready to say adios to those last few lbs that are still lingering in my body.  I hope and pray anyways.  I ordered my kit (which came with 10 shake mix in flavors and 30 days worth of shake mix) last Wednesday and I received it Tuesday mid morning.  I couldn't wait to get started!!  Both of my friends raved about not only do the shakes taste GREAT and you lose weight and inches, but you have tons of extra energy.  Also, there are literally 100's of shakes to choose from online so you're bound to find at least a handful that you would like.  Here is how it works...

If you replace 1 meal with a shake, you maintain your weight and gain energy.
If you replace 2 meals with a shake, i.e. breakfast and lunch, you will lose weight and inches and gain energy. 
You can mix the shake mix with whatever ingredients you would like, but that's why you have recipes online to go by.  For example, so far I have had a snickerdoodle shake for breakfast yesterday (tasted like a snickerdoodle cookie), a peanut butter cup shake yesterday for lunch (tasted just like a creamy reese's pnut butter cup), and a strawberry and banana shake this morning for breakfast which was incredible!!  You must eat snacks in between your meals to get your metabolism to increase and to make sure you're getting enough calories for your body to burn.  Then, eat a sensible good dinner and voila you begin to lose weight and inches.  Exercise, of course, is optional, but will only help you lose the weight and inches quicker.  So far, I am LOVING it and I really do feel great!!  I am going to try my best to be strict and stick to it.  Even though, I will be honest and say, I WILL cheat on Thanksgiving day, but just for lunch.  I will still have my shake for breakfast and supper! :)  I'm excited about it and really can't wait to see how it makes me feel in the end.  It's typically a 90 day challenge, but of course you can do it for the amount of time that fits your personal goals.  If you too, would like to say adios to those last 10, 15, or 20 lbs that are taunting you, I encourage you to check it out at and take the challenge with me.  You never know what may happen!  Let me know if you have any questions or concerns and I would be more than happy to help you!  One last thing, I am not selling this product nor am I making any money if you decide to do it.  I do get my next months kit free if I get 3 people or more to sign up under me which is why I gave you my website.  I just know what my friends have told me about it and so far, how good the shakes taste and I would hate not to tell others about it that are in the same boat as me.  Blogging is also a way for me to keep track of my progress as I journey through this challenge for myself.  Hopefully, I will be blogging in the near future about how much better I feel and how many lbs. and inches I've lost!!  Wish me luck!!

P.S.  I just weighed myself and I am down 1.4 lbs since yesterday! Woo hoo!!

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