Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Curious Hampton's 1st birthday day party!

Since we had a prior engagement, i.e. Lea and Josh's wedding, on Hampton's actual birthDAY, we had no choice but to have his party on the next Saturday, June 9.  Since he is SO darn curious AND he loves George on TV, I found it fitting to have a Curious George themed birthday party for him.  Not to mention the OCD teacher in me that thrives off of  "themes". :)  Of course, since he is only 1 and he doesn't go to daycare, it was more of a friends and family get together, but it was still fun nonetheless and the day went very smooth (minus mother nature not cooperating very well).  We had grilled hot dogs, chips and dip, homeade pork and beans (thanks to my mom), a cute smash cake for the birthday boy, a good 'ole Rolens cake, and a Bounce house/slide blow up.  I wanted to get the bounce house for all the kiddos to have something to do, but obviously  mother nature had other plans. 

However, she did spare us about an hour with no rain.  Just long enough for everyone to get a little outside time in.  Of course, Hughes, had NO problem getting out there.  Rain or shine.  He loved it.  And was soaking wet when he got done. 
Others, like Lucy, opted for the more drier options. :)

Alyssa sure is young to already be chasing cutie pa tooties like Caden!!  ;)

After eating a yummy lunch, it was time for mommy's heart to hurt.  Smash cake time.  Cake all over Hampton time.  Cake in Hampton's hair time.  Haha.  I was a good sport.  Afterall, it does only happen at ONE birthday party (thank you, Jesus!!).

Hughes and Lucy of course helped him get started.  Which they didn't mind at. all.  :)

But, once he got the hang of it...it was ALL OVER from there!!! To say he loved it, would be an understatement!  It was every. where.  Even in his ears everywhere.

To the shower we went when we called it quits...

Next up...cake for the adults. :)  Thanks to Rolen's for exceeding my expectations for his George cake!

Last, but not least, it was time for sweet boy to open his well deserved gifts!  Again, Lucy thought it would be best to help him with this. ;)

All in all, it was a special and fun day with some of my nearest and dearest friends and family that helped Hampton celebrate his day.  Thank you to everyone who came to party with Curious Hampton.  We hope you had just as much fun as we did.  It took 2 days for this momma to recuperate from this one festivity.  Whew.  Now to plan for his 2nd...juuuuust kidding.

 Happy 1st Birthday, Hampton!  You are SO loved by SO many!!!

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