Thursday, January 5, 2012

7 months old

Goodness gracious.  7 months.  Really??  Yes, really. :(  This first picture is a perfect depiction of what Hampton's life is like these days (and mommy and daddy's life as well)...BUSY, but HAPPY!!!  Each month that goes by so quickly Hampton gets a little bit bigger and a little bit "grownier" already.  He is learning and observing so much it's crazy, but it has been THE best 7 past months of my life.  I don't know what I would do without him, I dang sure don't know what I did before I had him, and just looking at his sweet angelic face, I thank our Heavenly Father for such a miracle he has blessed us with. 

He is getting into all sorts of things these days.  As you will see by the following pictures he is a busy body these days and could care a less about a darn picture. 

I also can no longer put the "month old" sign in the chair with him.  Hampton's just not going to let that happen these days unless he gets to tear it and/or chew it.  So, we had to put it up on top of the chair and the determined little fella that he is STILL tries his best to reach the darn thing.  It's kind of amusing, actually. 

So, he finally just gives up and finds something else to entertain him. Like...

reaching for the dresser.

or reaching for this little table.

Haha...either way, it doesn't ever happen so he just gives up all together...

and decides that if he can't do those things, he CAN lay in the chair and waller all around. ;)

I'm guessing he was just checking to make sure that guy was still there after all that wallering.

 Anywho, you get the point.  Busy. Body.  No more Mr. sit nicely and let me take your picture in your chair.  I'm not sure where that itty bitty went to, but he's not in my house anymore. ;)  Don't get me wrong here.  I'm not by any means feeling like my child is not a baby anymore because I know those days are coming soon enough (in years to come), but he's just gotten this "spurt" of energy all  of a sudden this past month.  Each day is SO fun watching him grow and learn new things. 

As of now...

he can feed himself his puffs (well, sometimes he still needs a little help when he can't quite ring his mouth)
he LOVES apple juice in his sippy cup
he is working on holding his sippy cup with his own 2 hands
he claps his tiny precious hands together when you sing "patty cake" and it is the cutest thing ever
he is scooting every.where.  He's got the back motion of his legs and tiny hiney in the air ready to crawl, but can't quite pick his front self up to go yet.  I'm thinking crawling is in our near future. We'll see.
he loves when you hold him and ride him on his fire truck

he sits up to do everything now.  He doesn't like to be laying down anymore.

 he loves to stand at the coffee table all by himself...
and stand at his activity table and play.  Big boy!!  Check out that serious face. ha!
he loves playing with his toys in his room
 he is not too fond of swinging on his new swing...
 or sliding down his new slide for that matter, but, we'll get there.
 he LOVES to play with all his bath toys

 he loves this puppy Aunt Brooke gave him for Christmas.  Any time of the day I can give him this fella and he grins and loves on him.

And last but not least, he absolutely ADORES his 2 cousins (but hey, who wouldn't?!)  He watches them, laughs at them, and I know he is already learning from them!

It is all going by so fast, but we are making sweet memories to last a life time each and every day. 

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